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Stamatakos Agricultural Group

 Stamatakos Agricultural Group

Stamatakos Agricultural Group

Stamatakos Agricultural Group, Skala-Laconias WHO WE ARE The Stamatakos Agricultural Group was established in 1976 by John Stamatakos and is involved in the farming development of approximately 1.200 privately owned acres throughout the valley of Lakonia, the south region of Peloponnesus. As is well known, the valley of Laconia, fertilized by Evrotas river and shielded by the mountains of Taigetos and Parnonas, is rich in fertile soil, with exceptional micro-climatic conditions which support the farming of almost all citrus and olive trees and the plantation of trees in greenhouses. The Stamatakos Agricultural Group focuses on the Organic Farming of Citrus Fruits, Olive Oil and Olives. However, the core of its main operations is its nurseries, cultivating various trees, seeds and seasonal flowers in the Group-owned greenhouses.




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