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Olive tree Picual - 3 ltr.

Цена: 15.00лв.

Маслина Пикуал

3 годишни растения, внос Испания, плододаваща възраст

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Olive tree Picual - 3 ltr.
Olive tree Picual - 3 ltr.

Уважаеми клиенти , Екзотик Плантс ви предлага 3 годишни растения от световно известния испански сорт маслини Пикуал. Този сорт се характеризира с висока студоустойчивост, повече информация за него можете да намерите на страниците на нашия форум http://exoticplants.ovo.bg/forum/

Olea europaea 'Picual' - Hardy Olive Tree

Picual is an excellent olive variety from Spain. Fruits are very high in oil content, at 20-27% by weight. It is also appreciated because of the early production, ease of cultivation and resistance to frost.  Its "leaf lethal freezing temperature" was recorded at -13,2 C
Picual olive is an excellent variety from Spain. Trees are estimated to account for 25% of all olive oil production in the world. This variety is very high in oil content, at 20-27% by weight.
It very appreciated because of the early production, ease of cultivation and quality of the  olive oil obtained, highlighting the high proportion of oleic acid. Picual is a tree of great vigor, with short branches, very resistant to frost, but it is poorly adapted to prolonged drought and excessively calcareous soils. The fruit is medium or large in size and provides high performance in oil production.

It is one of the hardiest of all olives. Its leaf lethal freezing temperature was recorded at -13,2 C.

Here in Canarius we offer a potted plant. Sometimes our trees are too tall to fit in the box. In this case they will be bent or cut to a height of about 80 cm. Don't worry! Olives are very resistant to pruning!