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Prunus Accolade - 4ltr.

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Prunus Accolade -японска вишна сорт Аколаде

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Prunus Accolade - 4ltr.
Prunus Accolade - 4ltr.Prunus Accolade - 4ltr.

Хибрид между Prunus sargentii и Prunus х subhirtella, ранен и обилен цъфтеж през пролетта. Дървото има привлекателна и атрактивна есенна окраса. Носител е на множество награди : 1954 г. две награди. През 1952 една награда и на скоро през 2002 година. Цветовете са двойни с изчистен блясък. Много специалисти смятат, че това са най красивите цветове от серията японски вишни.

Предимства :

  • Много обилна маса цветове през пролетта.
  • Перфектен за ориенталска градина
  • Изправено и атрактивна дърво
  • Перфектно за малки и средни градини

Description PRUNUS ACCOLADE – Accolade Cherry Characteristics Accolade is a small spreading tree with lots of pink semi-double flowers which later fade to pale pink. One of the earliest flowering cherries it starts to blossom at the beginning of April, it blooms very abundantly even as a young tree. Prunus ‘Accolade’ is a cross between Prunus sargentii from which it gains good autumn colour and Prunus x subhirtella which shows in the lightly twigged nature of its branching and early flowering. Reaching a maximum height of 8m (24ft) with a 5m (16ft) spread this is an ideal flowering tree for a small garden. Where to grow Ornamental cherries grow best in full sun on moist fertile deep loamy soils. They will therefore grow well in most garden or parkland positions. Poor soils should have organic matter added to the backfill during planting. Do not be tempted to plant a cherry in the same spot from which another cherrry has been removed as replant disease will, in all probability, prevent good growth. Did you know? It was selected in 1952 by Waterers nurseries in Woking, Surrey. The accolade is a ceremony to confer knighthood by the tapping of the flat side of a sword on the shoulders.