Callistemon Citrinus Woodlanders Hardy

Callistemon Citrinus Woodlanders Hardy


Callistemon Citrinus Big Tree - Stam

Изправено стъбло с диаметър 7-8 см и височина 150 см

Цялостна височина на растението 225/250 см

Контейнер 33 литра

В наличност 

Брой: +-

Това е най студоустойчивия от всички познати калистемони, расте добре в цялата USDA zone 7 ( -16C )



Callistemon 'Woodlander's Hardy Red'

Also known as:

  • Callistemon 'Woodlander's Hardy'
  • Woodlander's Hardy Red Bottlebrush
  • Callistemon 'Woodlander's Red'

Plant Type - shrub

Zones - 7a-9b

Growing Conditions

Soil Needs: - well-drained
Water Needs: regular, occasional, low, drought tolerant
Sun Exposure: sun, part sun, part shade

Features - Flowers: red

 Foliage: evergreen
Wildlife: birds, bees, butterflies, deer resistant
Flowering Time: spring, summer

Woodlander's Hardy Bottlebrush


Callistemon citrinus 'Hardy Red'


Moving the limits of the Bottlebrush northward, Woodlander's Hardy will tolerate even zone 7 winters. With a moderately dense and compact habit and narrow blue-green foliage this semi-dwarf bottlebrush produces clusters of the deep red bottle-brush like flowers in spring. Woodlander's Hardy has an upright to semi-weeping habit and generally reaches 4-5' high and wide.

Woodlander's Red and Woodlander's Hardy Bottlebrush are considered synonyms. Bottlebrush are wonderful low maintenance landscape plants that require little care once established in the garden. These are heat loving and sun loving plants suitable for large containers, as specimen plants, or even as an informal hedge.


Average Mature Size: 3-5'H x 3-5'W

USDA Cold Hardiness Zones: 7,8,9,10

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Outdoor Light: Full sun, Part sun

pH Range: Acidic, Mildly Acidic, Neutral, Slightly Alkaline

Salt Tolerance: Aerosol-High, Moderate soil salt tolerance.

Deer Resistance: Rarely Bothered

Native To / Origin: Australia




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