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Olea Sylvestris - Old Tree Bonsai

Цена: 375.00лв.

Bot. Name: Olea europea sylvestris
ca. 40 years
Height: ca. 60+ cm

Възрастно растение от вида Olea sylvestris 

Добре оформен бонсаи

В наличност 

Olea Sylvestris - Old Tree Bonsai
Olea Sylvestris - Old Tree BonsaiOlea Sylvestris - Old Tree Bonsai

Подходящ за колекционери . Растението е на възраст над 40 години

Разполагаме с наличност 2 броя, възможна е заявка за друга формирровка.

За повече информация се свържете с нас

Студоустойчивост -18С


Plants in this category should be placed outdoor, but protected from the winter. They are not as resistant to frost as the outdoor bonsai.
This plant tolerates full sun. Remember, however: The stronger the sunlight and the more leaves the tree has the more water it needed. If you can water your tree only in the morning and/or evening and the tree is always completely dry and let its leaves hang, you should either provide a larger dish (more soil), or select a place with a little shade. Even small dry periods are stressful for the tree.
The water demand of this plant is not excessive, and it can also survive short dry periods well.
Correctly maintained, this plant forms blossoms.
This tree is a deciduous tree.
Plants with this symbol are "evergreen". They never throw their leaves / needles completely.
These plants tolerate light frost and should receive somewhat more extensive protection.