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Japanese persimmon Hana Fuyu - 3 ltr


Japanese persimmon Hana Fuyu

Безтанинов сорт райска ябълка, подходяща за целогодишнпо засаждане


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Japanese persimmon Hana Fuyu - 3 ltr
Japanese persimmon Hana Fuyu - 3 ltrJapanese persimmon Hana Fuyu - 3 ltr

Изключителен сорт. Сладко и сочно плодово месо, консумира се и в твърдо състояние. Наред със сорта Хачия, Хана Фую е най популярния сорт за сушене. Аромат и медена сладост, това е хана Фую. Посадъчния материал е на Витро плант

Италия. гаранция за високо качество.


Product Details

  • Grows In: Zone 6B -20.6C
  • Sun Exposure: Full / Mostly Sun
  • Soil Drainage: Well Drained
  • Resistent To: Drought, Insect, Disease, Heat


The Japanese persimmon, scientific name Diospyros kaki. There are over 1,000 varieties, falling into 2 main types: sweet persimmons, which are unique to Japan, and astringent persimmons, which must be dried or otherwise processed to make them edible. The sight of drying persimmons hanging from farmhouse eaves is a very nostalgic one in Japan. On this edition of BEGIN Japanology, our theme is persimmons. This fruit's unique history in Japan can tell us a lot about the Japanese approach to food.