Nerium Oleander Mrs. George Roeding - Big tree 120/170 см

Nerium Oleander Mrs. George Roeding - Big tree 120/170 см


Mrs. George Roeding Oleander (Double Apricot)

Nerium oleander 'Mrs. George Roeding'

Размери - 120/170 см, свободна формировка

Временно изчерпана наличност

The fragrant triple flowers of this beautiful Oleander are softly colored with pink, peach, yellow, and orange with the colors intensifying under increased temperatures. This is a semi-dwarf Oleander that is suitable for large containers as well as the shrub border. Mrs. George Roeding originated from seed that was said to have came to the US from Japan around 1905. It has better than average cold hardiness.

With few major pests and diseases and their adaptability to soil conditions few shrubs are more reliable than Oleanders when you have a hot area in full sun. Whether its baking on the edge of concrete or in the salty soils of the Gulf Coast these plants are nearly perfectly adapted for use in these areas. Use them at the back of the border, as a large low maintenance, screen, in containers, or even train the larger growing types into tree standards.

Average Mature Size: 6-8'H x 6-8'W

USDA Cold Hardiness Zones: 8,9,10,11

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