Asimina Triloba var. Overlеese - Hardy to -32°

Asimina Triloba var. Overlеese - Hardy to -32°


Asimina Triloba сорт Овърлийз

Hardy to -32° (USDA-Zone 4b)

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Overlеese - неколкократен победител на фестивали за най вкусен сорт

- Overleese' was discovered in selection of the seedlings that was made in 1950 by W. B. Ward, Rushville, Indiana. It produces big fruit (300g) in clusters of 3-5.

Tree pot 3.5 litr, size 50 cm

'Overleese' has yellow, very intensive pulp that contains few seeds. It is an early variety that ripens in late September (Kentucky) or early October (Michigan).

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